The Basics

The basic form creates straight edge blocks for straight walls. Add the tapered end inserts and now your blocks can create curved walls with up to a fourteen foot radius (measured to the back of the block). And by simply bolting the half block divider into your form you can pour two half blocks at one time all with the same form.

The form is built with two “L” shaped halves that lock together with heavy-duty, over-center locking clamps for easy set-up and stripping. The blocks are poured face down with the liner on the bottom of the form to create the large rock face.

This design allows you to get many pours per day from one form. After your first pour has set, strip the form and leave the block to cure face down on its liner. Set the form up around a second liner and pour again. Depending on your mixture you can get two or three, even four blocks per day from one form.

 Download the Engineering & Installation Manual