Knob Style

Just about the simplest block form out there, the knob style block form makes life easy. With two knobs on top fitting into two knobs on the bottom, these blocks fit together like giant Legos®.
We have 2 sizes of Knob Style blocks: 24”x24”x48” requiring 16 cubic feet of concrete (making a 2,400 pound block) and 30”x30”x60” requiring 31 cubic feet of concrete (making a  4,700  pound block). 
This block is purposely built half as wide as they are long. Because of this, turning a corner does not require buying extra forms or pouring special blocks. The knob placement and block dimensions allow you to simply turn your block 90° at a corner and maintain a running bond.
The forms are built as two “L” shaped halves that lock together with heavy-duty, over-center locking clamps for easy set-up and stripping. The clamps can be used as levers to help you pop the form open after the block has cured. This design allows you to get many pours per day from one form. The blocks are poured face down. After your first pour has set, strip the form and leave the block to cure. Then set the form up and pour again. Once set, grab the liftpoint and tip upright. Depending on your mixture you can get two, three, even four blocks per day from one form.