About World Block


World Block makes steel forms used to create large size-blocks for use in landscape construction and long-lasting retaining walls. Our one-of-a-kind forms help save companies just like yours time, money and effort because they’re easy-to-use, lightweight and help you stop wasting high-cost concrete by making it into a usable construction material. And on top of that, our forms are very affordable!
World Block forms give you advantages no one else can offer. They’re made of two “L” shaped halves, that when fitted together give you one rock-solid form.
Our simple but clever design actually lets you strip and set up the form again before your first blocks have fully dried, so you can make more blocks in less time! World Block forms help you get more done–so you’ll finish your project faster and maximize your profits.
While base, corner and key forms give shape to concrete blocks, World Block’s vast assortment of sturdy liner products give walls everything from a chiseled or cut look, to a river or limestone finish. Your clients will love the end result!
World Block forms help you save or even make money with material you used to throw away!
When concrete’s needed for a job, you know there’s often an over-buy or over-production just to make sure there’s enough material to finish the project.
It’s the right choice, but what happens when the job is done and there’s concrete left over? It usually gets dumped, which is a waste and a big no-no in the EPA’s eyes.
With World Block, you can simply pour the extra concrete into our easy-to-use forms and make sturdy, even blocks. You’ll have ready-made blocks on hand for the next job, or you can even sell them and make money where you used to waste it.
Not bad for “extra” materials!
Quality for value – all backed-by great customer service
World Block puts our name on every product we sell. We know when you buy from us it’s our reputation on the line. We sell high-quality construction products to people like you, who know exactly what quality looks like.
That’s why more and more precast and ready-mix concrete companies are turning to World Block: to get the quality for value advantage.
But we don’t stop there. Once you buy from World Block, we’re there to support you every step of the way. When you pick up the phone and give us a call, you’ll always be satisfied when you put it back down.
We know our products inside and out and are ready to answer any of your questions big or small.
World Block delivers right to your door
World Block ships our products nation-wide and even worldwide. So, if you need a concrete form or a liner to give your block a special look, we’ll send it to you right away!