Landscape - Block Form

SKU: LS-1010S
Quick Overview
Form pours a 24 x 24 x 48 inch landscape block. The blocks have straight sides for laying straight walls. The bottom notch blockout is moveable and allows for blocks that stack vertically or terrace back 2 inches with every course.

Product Description

As with all World Block forms, the Landscape Block Form was created to get the job done quickly and with minimal headache. This one form performs many tasks so you don't have to waste money on needless forms.

The basic form creates straight edge blocks for straight walls. Add the tapered end inserts and now your blocks can create curved walls with up to a 14 foot radius (measured to the back of the block). And by simply bolting the half block divider into your form you can pour two half blocks at one time all with the same form.

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