Knob Style - 24 x 24 x 48 Full Block Form (Straight Edges)

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Two raised knobs on the top of the block fit into two inverted knobs on the bottom of the block. Finished block can be used as straight AND corner block.

Product Description

Just about the simplest block form out there, the knob style block form makes life easy.  With two knobs on top fitting into two knobs on the bottom, these blocks fit together like giant Legos®. Knob Style block forms come in two sizes: 24”x24”x48” that requires 16 cubic feet of concrete (making a 2,400 pound block) and a 30”x30”x60” that needs 31 cubic feet of concrete (creating a 4,700 pound block).  The smaller of the two is easier to handle, but if you need to get rid of a lot of concrete, or have a need and the equipment to handle a bigger block, the 30”x30”x60” is for you.  Regardless of your needs, both blocks handle virtually the same way.
Both size blocks are also purposely built half as wide as they are long.  Because of this, turning a corner does not require buying extra forms or pouring special blocks.  The knob placement and block dimensions allow you to simply turn your block 90° at a corner and maintain a running bond.
The forms are built as two “L” shaped halves that lock together with heavy-duty, over-center locking clamps for easy set-up and stripping.  The clamps can be used as levers to help you pop the form open after the block has cured.  This design allows you to get many pours per day from one form.  After your first pour has set, strip the form and leave the block to cure.  Then set the form up and pour again.  Depending on your mixture you can get two, three, even four blocks per day from one form.
A rubber Lift Anchor Blockout and ten Lift Anchors are included with your form for handling the block after stripping.  See page 17 for more information on our new lifting system.
The blocks are poured face down.  After stripping, grab the liftpoint and tip upright.  To make a more decorative block use a form liner (see pages 25 - 28).  These durable urethane liners are placed on the bottom of the form to create decorative stone patterns on the face of your blocks.
Half blocks can be created in two ways: in a separate form or with a blockout.  The blockouts fit inside your existing, full form allowing you to pour in half of the form.  The only disadvantage to using a blockout is that it will tie up your large form for at least one pour.  If you do decide to use a half block blockout, two holes will have to be drilled in the top knob of the form to hold the rubber liftpoint blockout.  When not pouring half blocks, a piece of duct tape will cover the holes perfectly.
Similarly, top cap blocks can be made with either a form or a blockout.  And the same rules apply - if you use a blockout you tie up a form.  You can also create half top caps (please note that this blockout will only work in a half block form).
When you reach the end of a wall it can sometimes look better to slope the wall down rather than end it abruptly.  For these instances we offer a Sloped End Blockout that fits securely into the corner of the form.  You can create right and left slopes by moving the blockout from one corner to the other.
With the form’s ease of use and the block’s simple functionality, it is no surprise that some of our most popular block forms

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