Landscape - Corner Block Form

SKU: LS-1040S
Quick Overview
Form pours a landscape block and allows for rock face liner to be fitted on the front and side of block. Used for 90 degree corners on landscape walls. Form will create both a left and right facing block. Corner blocks are used when you need to turn a 90 degree outside corner or when you simply want to finish off the end of a wall with a rock face. This form will create both a left and right facing block by just flipping the liner to the other side. The form is used with an "L" shaped liner that sits in the bottom and up one side of the form.

Product Description

Outside Corner

The outside corner is made by alternating Left and Right Outside Corner Blocks on each successive course. Remember that each Corner Block will be placed back 2 inches in both directions to account for the wall’s setback.


Why can’t I use a regular form to make a corner?

The Landscape block was designed to have a 24” x 48” footprint. The 4” depth of the liner makes the block actually 28” deep. The corner form must compensate for this 4” in the other direction.

Additional Information

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