V-Interlock - Top Cap Form - 72 inch

Quick Overview
Stand alone form with quick clamp design. Creates cap with a 12:2 pitch to center peak and 1 inch overhang on each side of block.

Product Description

There are two different ways to make a top cap for your V-Interlock Blocks.  The first is with a Top Cap Insert.  The Top Cap Insert is placed  lengthwise into your existing six foot block form.   The insert will create a 12” high cap with chamfered edges and is flush with the sides of the blocks underneath it. Note that it retains the end interlocks.  The second way  is with a separate Top Cap Form.   This form creates a top cap that is  26” wide x 6’ long x 6” high with a 12:2 pitch to center peak (8” thick at center) and 1 inch overhang on each side of block.  It is poured upside down and flipped over using the trunnions on each end.  Loosen the quickbolts on each corner and release the V-notch pan and your block will slide right out.  Used with a 45º  Top Cap Blockout you can neatly turn a 90º  corner.

Additional Information

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