V-Interlock - 2' x 2' x 6' : 1 cu yd - Straight

Quick Overview
Raised V-groove running along the top and down one side. Inverted V-groove running along bottom and up the other side. Used as basic blocks for all straight sections of retaining walls, partition walls, U-shaped walls, and much more.

Product Description

The granddaddy of all block forms, the V-Interlock block form has been used for years in the industry as the go-to form for straight-forward, get-it-done-now applications. These blocks are perfect, and most commonly used, for industrial applications such as batch plant fencing and product divider bins.

A raised "male" V notch runs along the top and down one side of the block while an inner "female" V notch runs along the bottom and up the other side. V-Interlock blocks are the only blocks to interlock on all four sides.

Built as two "L" shaped halves your forms lock together at the corners using two heavy-duty, over-center locking clamps. This design allows for easy set up and stripping. The clamps can be used as levers to help you pop the form open after the block has cured. A convenient liftpoint blockout is already welded in place. Extra reinforcing steel is welded on the sides to make this a very strong form.

To make a more decorative block, use a form liner. These durable urethane liners are placed on the bottom of the form (forms are poured face down) and create stone patterns on the front of your blocks.

Download the entire V-Interlock Block Form Spec Sheet (HERE)

Download V-Interlock Installation Instruction (HERE)

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